Thank you for your interest in LifeDesks. These help pages are designed to assist you in making the most out of your site. Here you will find quick start guides, detailed instructions, best practices and philosophies behind the tools provided.

A quickstart guide for new users

The following quickstart guide assumes you are a site member or administrator with permissions to modify content and/or settings in your LifeDesk. If you are not a member of a LifeDesk you can create your own, or contact existing site owners to request membership to their site.

Editing classifications

To edit your primary classification, select Manage Classification from the main menu, then click on Tree Editor. In the Tree Editor, you can drag and drop taxa to change relationships. You can also rename taxa, add new ones, cut, copy, paste, and delete taxa via a top toolbar or a right-click context menu. Inline editing of names is accomplished by double-clicking a name.

Importing bibliographies

Under 'Create Content', select 'Import Biblio'. Find the file on your computer using the Import File browse box, select your file type, and press the Import button

Truncation issues

  • The title field is limited to 255 characters. If a bibliographic item in your import file has a title that exceeds 255 characters, this title will be truncated on import.